Take The Burden Off Your Family

Planning in advance of an event you know will happen makes good sense. When an event is a death of a family member whose absence will be life altering to the survivors, wouldn’t everyone benefit from considering the details in advance?

Today, you have the choice to make these important decisions when you want to or when you need to. Our experience strongly suggests that individuals and their families are better served discussing their options with a Pre-Arrangement Counselor or a Funeral Director.

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 With respect to funerals, you might consider that Advance Funeral Planning does…

  • ensure your wishes are stated
  • eliminate guess work and confusion
  • eliminate the potential for over or under spending
  • eliminate the potential for disagreements
  • reduce the emotional burden placed on your family
  • eliminate the financial strain on your family
  • allow you to make decisions at your own pace without emotional stress
  • allow you to include your family in the process
  • ensure a personalized service reflecting you, that will be remembered by all

We believe that the funeral experience may be a celebration of one’s life, reflecting on personal characteristics that provide a fitting tribute. Our trained personnel will assist you with this process through suggestions to personalize your service and ensure a memorable experience. Please contact us for a confidential no cost consultation.

For further information on pre-paid funeral contracts please contact the Texas Department of Banking at: www.prepaidfunerals.texas.gov

Traditional Methods

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Traditional funding of final expenses are from the deceased’s savings account, a family member’s savings account, a bank loan taken out by a family member or perhaps a life insurance policy still in effect.

A common misunderstanding is the assistance provided by a government program. Currently Social Security pays very little to a living spouse or minor children if the deceased qualifies. The Veterans Administration might pay some money if the deceased meets strict qualifications.

Many individuals think that the “State” or some other agency will be there to absorb the costs because they perhaps have been used to such assistance while their family member was alive. This is an incorrect perception all services must be paid in full before services are rendered.

Contemporary/Preferred Options

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Providing funding in advance eliminates the financial burden from those who you care about the most while ensuring the integrity of your personal selections. Securing the funds specifically for the final expenses in an irrevocable manner protects them from intrusion by the Medicare/Medicaid regulations, family members, and potential creditors or long-term care facilities. An additional benefit is our guarantee that pre-funding your selections will “guarantee” your costs at today’s rates to protect you and your family from future increases and inflation.

Our Funeral Home offers options and payment plans to fund the final arrangements you have selected. For your protection, a Third Party actually holds the money you place with our funeral home until the funeral home actually provides its products and services.

Please contact our office to consult with a Funeral Director to determine which option is best for your situation. There is no fee for this confidential consultation.